My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.


I really want to say it…
Though not confident about it
But,I could write you know…
I wish my ego,pride and selfish desires would at least,give me a chance to say it.
Sometimes,I just wish I could scream…
Let the birds of the air hear me..
Guilt won’t let me spit it out.
I’m gradually becoming a slave and prisoner to myself.
I can’t hold it back anymore..
I have to speak.

Silence shouldn’t be an option

Liebster Awards

I got nominated for the Liebster Award
Yes, I accept the Liebster Award, thank you!

I’d like to thank mentalhealth360.uk for nominating me.
Mentalhealth360.uk is an intelligent mental health coach who has impacted me with amazing articles.
I’m not really familiar with this award but, I know its going to be a platform for me to meet and interact with bloggers.

Thank the blogger who nominated you, and provide a link to their blog.
Answer the 11 questions given to you.
Share 11 facts about yourself.
Nominate 5-11 other bloggers.
Ask your nominees 11 questions.
Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your answers

Eleven things about me
Iam an art enthusiast who loves to see things artistically.
I love vegetables so much especially carrots.
I can be very emotional and that sometimes makes me stay away from people.
I admire nature.just love the view of green grasses.
Iam a graduate of mass communication from a state university in Nigeria.
I have couple of certificates in photography.I love to interpret or relate my writings sometimes with really amazing pictures.
I do not love oranges…yeah..,it sounds weird when I say it sometimes.
Iam the last born in my family with a twin(fraternal twins).
I’m a very deep thinker.
I care a lot about people I love.
I love cooking and trying out new recipes.

My nominees are..
Creativeenvision@Creative envision
Harsh@cryptic’s world

I hope you’ll all participate and I’m looking forward to reading your answers so we all get to know a bit more about you.

There are so many amazing bloggers out there but I’ve just recently come across the 5 blogs above. I’d appreciate you taking some time to check out their wonderful blogs.

Tell us a bit about your blog and why you started it – my blog is basically a random personal blog.
I write articles,stories,I post pictures and other human related write-ups.
I’ve always wanted to write.so many ideas I want to share so,I decided to start writing to share my thoughts with people.
Tell us a bit about you – Iam an introvert who loves to discover new things and meet new people I share same ideas with..tho I hardly interact sometimes depending on where I find myself.
Iam also an entrepreneur. Started a small business recently and hope to develop and grow it.I love children and love to share ideas with teenagers too.
What are three things you like about yourself? – I like the fact that iam persistent in the things I love to do.my free spirit and I like the level of patience and tolerance that I have.
What is the one thing about you that you dislike and why? – I can’t say no to people many times.no matter what the situation is,I find it very difficult to say no.
I dislike this trait because,people take advantage of that about me.
If you could share your last meal with anybody who would it be, alive or dead? – my best friends.
Where do you live and what’s it famous for?- I live in Jos,plateau state(Nigeria).the weather here makes it very famous.
When were you last in education and what did you study?last four years.I studied mass communication.
Who are you in lockdown with? – family
What are your thoughts on blogging awards? – I feel its just a platform for bloggers to be recognized and to also do better in their works.
What do you enjoy and not enjoy about the blogging community? – I enjoy reading from different bloggers and also learning from them.
What’s the weather like where you are? – the weather is normal.
My questions
What is your life’s philosophy?
What do you think the trend in your society is at the moment?
Who could you share your secrets with?
What defines you?
What is that experience you’ve had that left a stigma on you?
What is your best and worst moment?
How would you describe yourself?
Do you ever regret helping anyone?
What is blogging to you?
What inspired you to become a blogger?
Are you a perfectionist?

I look forward to seeing your response and replies.

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